I like to think I’m pretty open minded, but sometimes there are things that even make me take a step back. Noel was one of those things.

Before I start, I should probably point out that I am by no means naive and I understand that everyone has their ‘thing’, but after my experience with Noel I think I might actually have some limits.

When I first met Noel, he was perfectly ordinary, in fact, I’d go as far to say he was a bit vanilla [I was so, so wrong]. We hit it off straight away. Lots in common, similar politics. I was thinking that this could be the start of something kinda cool.

And then it started….
Little references here and there were the first clue that Noel’s interests we’re slightly niche. It started when he told me he didn’t like it when people wore shoes indoors, which you know, isn’t that weird (I come from a shoes off household as well). Later that week we were texting, I mentioned I was painting my nails and then he said it…

“Are you painting your toes to match?”

I had to ask about it…I needed to know right now what I was getting in to…

It wasn’t subtle at all Noel

It was time for me to be honest, and reveal my own weird thing…


I was trying so, so hard not to freak out. Noel was such a nice guy, and I really liked him. Our date had been good, and I didn’t think it was fair to let one thing get to me so much.

26551581_10155180039998176_1427295107_n (1)
Maybe I couldn’t handle this after all

I was overthinking it. I should give this guy a chance! He was alot better than any other guy I’d dated, every time we met I’d have so much fun, but at the back of my mind, I was always aware that he was really in to something I hated. It didn’t help that my friends constantly berated me with foot/shoe/toe based jokes [I don’t blame them, I would have done the same – but this was happening to ME!].

I put it to the back on my mind and went on one more date with Noel, we went for coffee and then to his place. As soon as I walked inside I started to feel anxious, I knew what was coming. I’d been thinking about it for so long, I wasn’t ready, it was too big a step! He asked me if I wanted to…take my shoes off!

I couldn’t deal. So I spent the entire time, watching University Challenge in his flat, in front of a fire, drinking tea, with boots on. Why was my life so ridiculous? It was at that moment, I realised that things with Noel probably wouldn’t go any further. He was such a great guy, but anything to do with feet just makes my skin crawl.

I felt so guilty, I made my excuses and left…

Sorry Noel 😦

There wouldn’t be a next time, which was a shame, but I think Noel would make a great boyfriend for someone, he’s kind and funny and will probably buy you a pedicure for Christmas.

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