I used the same line with men on dating apps…here’s what they said.

If you’ve ever used apps like Tinder, Bumble or Happn, then you won’t be surprised when I tell you that the most common opening line from guys is a simple ‘Hey’. After 50 or so of these messages, it gets a bit monotonous.

After my last post, you’ll know I was left a little stung after an encounter with a man that thought he was the centre of the universe. So, a bottle of wine deep and 3 dating apps re-downloaded, we’re ready for a not-so-scientific experiment. If men can hit girls up with the same ‘Hey’ every time, I was going to beat them to it, and use my own opener, and I wanted to make it interesting.

I needed something that was interesting, original and showed off my personality. Eventually, after weighing up some options with a friend, we settled on the ideal intro…and it proved to be pretty successful.

Wanna hear it? Ok…are you ready?

“If you were a board game which would you be and why?”

It’s simple, yet effective. Everyone has played a board game at some point in their life and it paves the way to get creative and describe yourself through a series of cringe worthy metaphors.

I got swiping and the matches started to roll in. I frantically copied and pasted my pop quiz to unsuspecting participants.

Some took it very literally.

Pretty sure it’s also a game for pensioners
I’m gonna need a little bit more to go on here pal…

One man’s plans for world domination were revealed

A LOT of people said Monopoly

This is getting boring now
*le sigh*

This lad turned something potentially horrific into something almost cute

One man didn’t really get the question

Some told me about games I’d never even heard of


One guy was clearly a serial cheater

Ok, so my response to this man seems harsh, but I promise he deserved it. He had one of those photos from Thailand on his GAP-YAH with a sedated tiger, so I instantly didn’t like him.

This guy clearly is really excited about catching mice

I got busted once:

One of these answers was much more sinister than the other

wait, what?
Congratulations Sir, you’ve won Tinder!

And this guy…well…no wonder he’s single


On reflection, I really enjoyed reading over all the different responses from guys, it was really refreshing to take control of the situation, and nearly every guy I messaged had a response, so this line is clearly a winner. I guess my main point is; don’t settle on waiting for a boring ‘Hey’, be bold, be weird, and ask a question that’s really on your mind!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, if I was a board game…I’d be Ticket to Ride…for obvious reasons.

Hey?! Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s because I love trains.


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