I like to think I’m pretty open minded, but sometimes there are things that even make me take a step back. Noel was one of those things. Before I start, I should probably point out that I am by no means naive and I understand that everyone has their ‘thing’, but after my experience with Noel I think I might actually have some limits. When I first met Noel, he was perfectly ordinary, in fact, I’d go as far to say he was a bit vanilla [I was so, so wrong]. We hit it off straight away. Lots in common, … Continue reading Noel


Tinder has provided me with lots of different dating experiences, some good, most bad. People often say to me that they don’t understand how I can go out on dates as they would feel so awkward; I look at it like this: If we get along, amazing! If we don’t get along, then at least I probably have a good story to tell. Here is one of those stories…and to tell you the truth it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I feel mean just re-imagining what happened. I met Matt earlier this year, he seemed funny and polite, something … Continue reading Matt.


I’ve been staring at my laptop for the best part of an hour now wondering where to even start. It’s very difficult to know when a person is leading you on or isn’t interested in you, and even more difficult to accept it. A few years ago I met a guy, Tom. He was the first person in a very long time that had given me butterflies. I’d get excited every time my phone buzzed and I’d become irrationally nervous any time I arranged to see him. One day, out of the blue, the messages stopped, Tom would ignore my … Continue reading Tom.


I first met Ed in November. I’d managed to find someone in Newcastle that went to the same university as me. Surprisingly, although we’d graduated the same year, we’d never met before. We went on a couple of dates but it didn’t feel like it would develop into anything further. Just before Christmas, I bumped into Ed on a night out, we had a great time and ended up going home together. This was where things really started. Ed was funny, had a great job and I genuinely enjoyed his company. It quickly became apparent that Ed only wanted one … Continue reading Ed.


When I first moved to Newcastle, I knew literally two people. After the excitement of new flatmates and a new job had died down, I thought it was about time I checked out the dating scene. With next to no idea of where to meet men in this city, I turned to old faithful…Tinder. (note: you’ll never meet a nice man on tinder) I first started chatting to Ollie, and he seemed genuinely nice, we went on a couple of dates and I really started to enjoy his company. He was kind and funny. I was keen to see where … Continue reading Ollie