11 signs he’s actually, definitely, 110% into you.

So I thought I’d offer out some friendly advice for all guys and gals that are still wondering if that special person is ‘the one’. This is like, expert level dating advice, so if you’re a novice you’re probably thinking that all these signs means he doesn’t like you. You’re wrong. He’s totally in love with you. 1. He’s totally playing hard to get. He’s a busy guy you know. He couldn’t possibly spare 2 seconds to reply. Just text him again. 17 times. He will love it. When he does respond, make sure you’re waiting by your phone so … Continue reading 11 signs he’s actually, definitely, 110% into you.

David & Zoe

I should probably premise this by saying that I don’t believe in marriage…not in the sense that I don’t believe it exists, more that I just don’t think it’s the right choice for me. Could you imagine? Having to have sex with the same person? For the rest of your life?! No thank you. [It’s also because I don’t think any man would be crazy enough to sign up to having to deal with me for the rest of their life….but the first part makes me feel better about myself, so we’ll go with that] Now we’ve got that bit … Continue reading David & Zoe

Tinder Gold or a Big Mac? The real philosophical question. (Guest Blog)

Disclaimer, number 1 – this is from a hetero, cis-woman perspective. Disclaimer, number 2 – this is best read while eating a Big Mac. Like most literature. (Except maybe a Joe Wicks – The Body Coach book) Sure, I would love to meet Prince Charming in a stylish coffee shop because he saw that I was reading into the effects of member diversity in top management team on organisational performance, and he thought ‘wow this stunningly beautiful woman must also be really smart and I need to hear her thoughts and opinions for the rest of my life’… but let’s … Continue reading Tinder Gold or a Big Mac? The real philosophical question. (Guest Blog)

An Open Letter…

To all the men that never text back, What is your deal? Seriously. It’s been 70 hours and you still haven’t replied. You saw my message 10 minutes after I sent it, and you were online an hour ago, yet you still can’t be arsed to give me a moment of your time. I am sick and tired of me and my friends constantly second guessing ourselves over your inability to  give us a response. If we were speaking face to face, would you stare at me when I asked a question and then just turn away? That’s what the … Continue reading An Open Letter…


When I went on my first date with Dale we both knew what the deal was. We’d talked at length how this would be a non-committal arrangement and almost certainly a one time thing. So thinking about it, a first date was more of a display of politeness than anything else. Nevertheless, he was charming, flirtatious, interesting and really fricking hot! I was instantly attracted to Dale and it was clear he felt the same way. We chatted and exchanged pleasantries about our jobs and hobbies. It was all going very well as far as pre-sex-arrangement niceties go. Four pints … Continue reading Dale.