Tinder Gold or a Big Mac? The real philosophical question. (Guest Blog)

Disclaimer, number 1 – this is from a hetero, cis-woman perspective. Disclaimer, number 2 – this is best read while eating a Big Mac. Like most literature. (Except maybe a Joe Wicks – The Body Coach book) Sure, I would love to meet Prince Charming in a stylish coffee shop because he saw that I was reading into the effects of member diversity in top management team on organisational performance, and he thought ‘wow this stunningly beautiful woman must also be really smart and I need to hear her thoughts and opinions for the rest of my life’… but let’s … Continue reading Tinder Gold or a Big Mac? The real philosophical question. (Guest Blog)

An Open Letter…

To all the men that never text back, What is your deal? Seriously. It’s been 70 hours and you still haven’t replied. You saw my message 10 minutes after I sent it, and you were online an hour ago, yet you still can’t be arsed to give me a moment of your time. I am sick and tired of me and my friends constantly second guessing ourselves over your inability to  give us a response. If we were speaking face to face, would you stare at me when I asked a question and then just turn away? That’s what the … Continue reading An Open Letter…


Tinder has provided me with lots of different dating experiences, some good, most bad. People often say to me that they don’t understand how I can go out on dates as they would feel so awkward; I look at it like this: If we get along, amazing! If we don’t get along, then at least I probably have a good story to tell. Here is one of those stories…and to tell you the truth it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I feel mean just re-imagining what happened. I met Matt earlier this year, he seemed funny and polite, something … Continue reading Matt.


I first met Ed in November. I’d managed to find someone in Newcastle that went to the same university as me. Surprisingly, although we’d graduated the same year, we’d never met before. We went on a couple of dates but it didn’t feel like it would develop into anything further. Just before Christmas, I bumped into Ed on a night out, we had a great time and ended up going home together. This was where things really started. Ed was funny, had a great job and I genuinely enjoyed his company. It quickly became apparent that Ed only wanted one … Continue reading Ed.